Jonathan Weinkle

Jonathan Weinkle, MD, FAAP, is a general internist and general who came to medicine after deciding against careers as a philosopher or a rabbi. He practices primary care medicine at a busy urban community health center, providing comprehensive care to patients of all ages with and without insurance, representing a broad diversity of languages, faiths, cultures, native lands, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Dr. Weinkle also serves as a medical advisor to the Closure project of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, a program intended to improve the quality of care and change the individual experience at end-of-life. Also under the auspices of the JHF, he is crafting a program to help clinicians master the core competency of respectful communication with patients and families, based largely on the concepts, principles, and ideas detailed in this book and the research underlying it. In addition, Dr. Weinkle serves as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh (his alma mater), and as medical director of the Physician Assistant Studies Program at Chatham University. Driving all of these endeavors is a strong commitment to infusing his interactions with patients with the core values of his Jewish faith, beginning with the idea that both patient and provider are created in the Divine image and must act and be treated accordingly. Dr. Weinkle lives with his wife and three sons within blocks of both his own childhood home and his mother’s. Furthermore, if he ever gets a long enough break from all the things listed in this bio, he plans to record a singer-songwriter album that taps into the same core ideas as his career and teaching.