ACE Personal Trainer Manual: The Ultimate Resource for Fitness Professionals (Third Edition)

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American Council on Exercise (ACE)
595 pages
The ACE Personal Trainer Manual offers lots of valuable personal training information to prepare for the Personal Trainer Certification exam. Contact ACE today for more ways to prepare for this fitness certification. The ACE Personal Trainer Manual is an essential study tool for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam and an excellent fitness and exercise resource you will use throughout your health and fitness career.

Twelve years after the debut of the first ACE Personal Trainer Manual and the certification of more than 60,000 Personal Trainers, the American Council on Exercise continues to lead the way by providing you with the most comprehensive resource on personal training you will ever find. This third edition reflects the latest research findings and industry guidelines in the field of health and fitness. Revised and updated by the original authors and enhanced by the addition of a new chapter on health behavior and psychology, this text covers every aspect of personal training, from anatomy and physiology to injury prevention and legal issues.