ACSM`s Exercise is Medicineâ„¢: A Clinician`s Guide to Exercise Prescription

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Steven Jonas, Edward M. Phillips
262 pages
Exercise is Medicine™ is an American College of Sports Medicineinitiative to "make physical activity and exercise a standard part of adisease prevention and treatment medical paradigm."

The text isdesigned to help clinicians learn how to motivate and educate patientson how to incorporate regular exercise into their daily lives. Thecentral focus is on how to help patients become motivated and stay thatway. It covers how to design practical exercise programs for otherwisehealthy patients of all ages and fitness levels, as well as those withspecial conditions such as pregnancy, obesity, and cancer. The book alsoincludes in-depth discussions of both the lifestyle approach toexercising regularly and the structured exercise approach.

Tohelp you save time when addressing exercising with your patients, thereis an organized set of "Three-Minute Drills" and similar materials underother headings that appear throughout the book. They cover the theoryand practice of promoting regular exercise with your patients, in small,easy-to-digest bites.

Join the national initiative Exercise is Medicine™ and learn how to help your patients become regular exercisers for life.