“I Expended 1000 kcal”-Really?

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Edward T. Howley
58 minutes
Some advertisers, as well as misguided health/fitness professionals make extreme claims about how many kcal can be expended in a workout. These contentions have major implications for individuals who are trying to lose or maintain their body weight, as well as for people who are striving to meet the 2008 U.S. Physical Activity Guideline's volume of physical activity goal associated with achieving specific health outcomes. “I Expended 1000 kcal”-Really? provides a resource for health/fitness professionals who want to be better able to evaluate such claims and to communicate that information to individuals with whom they are working.

Among the topics covered:

• How O2 uptake is converted to energy expenditure
• How is VO2max linked to energy expenditure during exercise?
• Intensity continuum
• How do you troubleshoot claims?
• Is the energy cost of walking and running a mile the same?
• Exercise prescription for cardiorespiratory fitness