Medical Wellness Association`s Medical Wellness Forum 2013

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Medical Wellness Association
434 minutes
The ten sessions from the 2013 Medical Wellness Forum are featured in a single two-disc DVD set. Over seven hours of authoritative information and insights on medical wellness, including: 

Among the topics covered: 

• Advances in Non-Invasive Translational Technologies (Jean-Aime´ Medici) 
• Design for Wellness & Medical Wellness Facilities (Hervey Lavoie & RudyFabiano) 
• Embracing Business Opportunities in Health Care Reform (Ann Hawkins &Holly Johnson) 
• Exercise is Medicine is Good for Business (James Bell) 
• Medical Nutrition, Diet, & Obesity Programs (Amy Blansit) 
• Medical Wellness Trends & Opportunities (Chris Breuleux) 
• New Technology Challenges the “Inevitability” of Osteoporosis (JasonConviser & John Janguish) 
• New Wellness Innovation, Technology, and Products (John Lewis) 
• Wellness for Synergistic Health (Raymond Hall) 
• Wellness is Wealth – How to Partner and Profit (Anoop Chaturvedi)