101 Ways to Improve Your Personal Training Business

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Jeremy Koerber, Kathy Bretsch
153 pages
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This book is an invaluable resource for each and every personal trainerlooking to market their skills, build their business, and make money. AsLawrence Biscontini so correctly notes, “Jeremy and Kathy's book fills avoid in the fitness industry. The authors are ready to help eachpersonal trainer with new – yet practical – ideas to boost business.” And, when Lawrence fields the hundreds of emails he receives daily, themost ubiquitous of questions is “I'm certified, but now what do I do?”His answer: “Read Jeremy and Kathy's book.”

Jeremy and Kathy know that to make significant strides in your business,you need a plan – a plan to keep you new client long enough to see themmeet their objectives, attract more customers along the way to make aprofit, pay your expenses, and keep your business afloat in a highlycompetitive market. 101 Ways to Improve Your Personal Training Business is your essential tool to meet those goals.

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