Myra Pravda

Myra Pravda, RN, MSN is co-author Off to Camp. The book was written for children and includes a DVD for parents to introduce them to an overnight camp experience. The book/DVD is recommended for first time campers and families thinking of sending their child to camp.

Myra is a consultant in parent-child health and has experience in camp nursing, children's sleep disorders, and creating after school programs for children. Myra has been a camp nurse for the past 33 years, over twenty years in a resident camp in Indiana. She currently works for a day camp in Cincinnati, Ohio, as their nurse, special needs coordinator, and camp manager.

Myra is past president of the Association of Camp Nurses, has been active in the American Camp Association on both the state and local levels, and is co-author of the book The Basics ofCamp Nursing.

Myra and her husband, Marvin, have three married children and seven grandchildren ages 6 to 12. All the grandchildren attend camp in the summer.

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