Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, is the associate director for Health and Risk Management of Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, MN. Prior to focusing on camp nursing, she worked for 13 years at Camp Chinqueka, Bantam, CT, in every job from counselor to camp director. Erceg's master's program focused on camp nursing; her thesis, an epidemiological study of camp injury and illness trends, contributed to her current efforts in the ACA's Healthy Camps Research. A camp nurse at heart, Erceg's recent years have focused on the management of camp health services in addition to being a care provider. She is an adjunct instructor at Bemidji State University, a member of ACA's Northland Section, a member of ACA's Committee for Advancement of Research and Evaluation, a former national board member, and a standards visitor. As ACN's executive director, she is developing ACN's online Camp Nursing Education Center.

Myra Pravda, RN, MSN,
has a master's degree in parent-child health from the University of Cincinnati. Her master's thesis explored the stresses of first-time campers and resulted in the book she coauthored, Off to Camp. Pravda has been a camp nurse for 30 years with Camp Livingston and Camp Chabad Day Camp. She is a camp health consultant. Pravda is past president of the Association of Camp Nurses and is very active in the Ohio Section of the American Camp Association.

The Basics of Camp Nursing (Second Edition)

Author: Linda Erceg, Myra Pravda
Length 232 pages
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