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The Myths & Realities of Stretching
The Myths & Realities of Stretching

The Myths & Realities of Stretching

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Author: Mike Bracko
Length: 46 minutes
Published: 2007
Format: DVD

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The Myths & Realities of Stretching presents a comprehensive discussion of the misinformation, misunderstanding, and mystery attendant to the documented benefits of sound stretching. In a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner, the DVD reviews the literature concerning how stretching can help (and in some instances hinder) individuals.

Among the topics covered:
  • Research that indicates that stretching immediately prior to exercise or sports does not prevent injuries
  • Research that shows stretching weakens the muscle for approximately 10-15 minutes
  • Possibly making it more susceptible to injury
  • Evidence that a pre-work warm-up in an occupational setting offers benefits to both the worker and the employer
  • How workstation stretching can help prevent muscle imbalances caused by chronic occupational positions
  • Anecdotal benefits of stretching

Produced in cooperation withe the American College of Sports Medicine.