The Cancer Journey: Hope & Inspiration

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Patricia C. Hanson
69 pages
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    My experience with cancer has made me very aware how little a patient is told after the words, “You have cancer.”
    Hopefully, this book enables you to live my journey, from diagnosis to remission and back again. My hope is that I can help others by explaining my journey. I have the unique position of being both a registered nurse and a cancer patient. …
    A need exists for more information on cancer for all patients. I have met older patients who did not want to know anything. They were afraid that if they knew too much, it would augment their fear.
    In reality, the more you know, the less anxious you will be. You may not feel you are anxious, but anxiety can hide in your mind. If you know the side effects of your cancer therapy, you know not to be afraid if and when the symptoms appear. …
    Caregivers of cancer patients have told me how restless, angry, and withdrawn their loved one is, since they found out they have cancer. As a rule, if you know what might come your way, you can better prepare for it.