Athletic Training and the HIV Positive Patient

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Aikane Belez
51 minutes
As athletic trainers continue to work in outpatient clinic settings, encountering individuals with HIV/AIDS is increasingly likely. This syndrome is often compromised by unique challenges. The physical impairments from the HIV/AIDS virus, for example, can include peripheral neuropathy, abnormality of gait, wasting syndrome, and decreased balance, among others. Furthermore, from a psychological perspective, HIV positive individuals may experience many issues, including selfesteem, body image, and mild dementia in some cases. Athletic Training and the HIV Positive Patient explores why an appropriate rehab program needs to address all of these issues, while being mindful of the stigma attached to HIV positive individuals.

Among the topics covered:

• HIV and AIDS information
• Physical changes
• Exercise vs. metabolic changes
• Peripheral neuropathy
• Peripheral neuropathy, balance, and gait . . . they're all related
• HIV-related movement disorders
• Self-esteem/body image
• HIV associated dementia
• Patient/athletic trainer relationship
• Exercise
• Balance and gait training
• Psychosocial issues