Healing With Real Food & Essential Oils for Busy People

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Roseann Borucki-Zaft
72 minutes
Healing With Real Food & Essential Oils for Busy People explains how and why making better food choices can have a positive impact on a person's health. In that regard the DVD reviews why having a green smoothie habit is so good for an individual, as well as outlines how to make green smoothies taste fantastic. The DVD also discusses how and why essential oils should be added to a person's green smoothie. In the context of examining the importance of consuming food that can enhance, as opposed to hinder an individual's health, the DVD explores the pyramid of health, including pointing out the fact that lifestyle choice of “eating right” serves as the core foundation of the pyramid.

Among the topics covered: 

• Pyramid of health 
• What are the health benefitsof green smoothies? 
• What's in your healthy greensmoothie? 
• Grades of essential oil 
• Why add superfood to smoothies? 
• Hemp seeds 
• Chia seeds 
• Benefits of virgin coconut oil 
• Where do you start?