10 Things Your Multi-Year Return Staff Aren

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Stephanie Compton
60 minutes
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Multi-year staff who provide support, friendship, and trust are the right hand of camp management. On the other hand, they may not be telling camp management everything. 10 Things Your Multi-Year Return Staff Aren't Telling You details what those staff members may truly be thinking about the camp's leaders. The DVD analyzes ten statements from a viewpoint of a seasonal staff member, and discusses how understanding these statements can result in a stronger friendship, a stronger supervisor/employee relationship, and valuable training for everyone at camp.

Among the topics covered:

• I want your trust
• I want programs of my own
• I need one-on-one time with you
• I don't want your job
• I want you to want me on your team
• There are times I feel like you are taking advantage of me
• I value your friendship and respect you more than you probably think
• I see you make mistakes
• I want to learn from you
• A full-time job is great. Can you help me get one?
• Pre-season
• Training
• Camp
• Post-season