101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp (Book)

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Ted Vickey
101 pages
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101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp is a timeless resource for every camp professional who wants to keep kids active and engaged at camp. The goal of the book is to provide camp leaders with a complete guide to a wealth of fitness games for kids at camp. This easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow, and easy-to-play reference guide features team-building games, skill-development games, icebreaker games, competitive games, strength/agility games, and cardiovascular games. Some require no equipment, some are for an individual, and some are for teams. Some are competitive, but all are fun. Each game includes information about the numbers of players needed, the type of playing area required, the equipment needed, instructions on how to play the game, and simple yet effective modifications to allow you to change the difficulty level based on your group’s abilities and needs.