101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp: Vol. #1-Team-Building Games

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Ted Vickey
49 minutes
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101 Fitness Games for Kids at Camp: Vol. #1-Team-Building Games is one of six volumes inthe six-part DVD series (Vol. #2-Skill-Development Games; Vol. #3-Icebreaker Games; Vol.#4-Competitive Games; Vol. #5-Strength/Agility Games; and Vol. #6-CardiovascularGames>/i>) that details fun, dynamic ways to keep children at camp engaged and involved, whileenhancing their overall health and well-being. The series offers an amazing assortment ofgames-some old, some new-that are designed to provide an opportunity for young campersto be physically active.

Among the topics covered:

• Red rover
• Balloon relay
• Hot potato
• Amoeba tag
• Bobsled bodies
• Clump
• Kick the can
• Bedsheet ping pong
• Toilet paper
• Capture the flag
• Crocodile race
• Trust circle
• Dragon race
• Go fish
• Lava crossing