2006 NSCA Pre-Con-Program Development: The One-Hour Perfect Program

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National Strength and Conditioning Association
123 minutes
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The (12) presentations from the 2006 NSCA National Conference Pre-Con-Program Development: The One-Hour Perfect Program-are offered on this 2-disc DVD set. Featuring several of the top conditioning and sports performance coaches in the world, this almost six-hour DVD set details how to put together the perfect workout.

Among the topics covered:
  • Introduction (David Sandler)
  • Balance Training (Matt Stock)
  • Plyometrics for Everyone (Andrea Hudy)
  • Movement Screens (Ed McNeely)
  • Agility Training for Everyone (Jordan Moon)
  • Speed Training (David Sandler)
  • Putting Your Plan to Work (David Sandler)
  • Panel Discussion
Produced in cooperation with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.