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9 Secrets to Grow Your Business

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Justin Tamsett
50 minutes
9 Secrets to Grow Your Businessis a resource that is designed to enable health/fitness clubs toundertake strategic growth in a productive, time-efficient,cost-effective manner. The DVD explains how clubs can use quantitativedata (numbers) to balance their short-term and long-term goals. The DVDdetails why it is essential for clubs to know their data, particularlyin those instances where their passion has blinded them to success. TheDVD also explores the need for businesses to create momentum, whichprovides a rhythm that enables them to keep everyone aligned with theirorganization's goals.

Among topics covered:
  • 9 secrets to grow your business
  • Vision or focus
  • Business plan
  • The right people
  • Know your numbers
  • Develop a top 3 list
  • Quarterly theme
  • Create rhythm
  • Take action
  • Join a round table