Active Lives: Transforming Ourselves and Our Patients

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Harvard Medical School
66 minutes
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Active Lives: Transforming Ourselves and Our Patients offers sessions from a two-day course designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools for healthcare professional to effectively and efficiently promote healthy lifestyle changes in their patients. Almost ten hours of cutting-edge information on a variety of Lifestyle Medicine-related topics are presented on a three-disc DVD set, featuring several of the most respected professionals in their fields including:

Lorna Brown, DPT
Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD
Greg Cloutier
Donny Fausey
Elizabeth Pegg Frates, MD
Gregory L. Fricchione, MD
Jay Groves, Ed.D., MMHC
Andree M. LeRoy, MD
Margaret Moore, MBA
Edward M. Phillips, MD
John J. Ratey, MD
Jennifer Sacheck, Ph.D.
Ina Stephens, MD