Adult and Senior Fitness Forum

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Tammy Petersen, Cedric X. Bryant, Cary Wing, Colin Milner
84 minutes
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The number of individuals who turn 60 each year continues to rise. As the largest, most health-conscious, and most appearance-conscious generation in U.S. history, this generation served as the foundation of the modern health-club industry. The initial segment of the DVD features Tammy Petersen, who details statistics for this mature clientele related to both the medical and health-club industries. She then explores the needs and expectation of this aging population and the opportunities and responsibilities created for clubs choosing to accommodate this affluent client base. Subsequently, the DVD features a forum of renowned experts, who address questions related to exercise and older adults.

Among the topics covered:

• The baby boomers
• Aging successfully
• Exercise is medicine
• Defining aging
• Doctors and medication
• Panel discussion