Ankle Sprains-Recent Advances on the Most Common Athletic Injury

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Evert Verhagen, Tim McGuine, Jay Hertel
40 minutes
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Ankle Sprains-Recent Advances on the Most Common Athletic Injury addresses three fundamental aspects of ankle sprains: the magnitude and severity of the injury, the underlying causes of recurrent ankle sprains, and the prevention of ankle injuries. The DVD discusses ankle injuries in terms of incidence and severity of the sprain. The DVD also explains how ankle sprains are the most common sports injury and reviews how different levels of severity impact joint function and recovery time. In addition, the DVDs looks at the mechanisms of ankle injuries and details the basic risk factors for ankle sprains. He presents data that shows the differing levels of ankle sprain risk in various popular sports. Furthermore, the DVD outlines ways to stabilize the ankle joint and help prevent recurrent ankle sprains, as well as explores the use of neuromuscular and balance training as a preventative measure to guard against ankle sprains.

Among the topics covered: 

• The magnitude and severity of the ankle injury problem (Evert Verhagen) 
• How many ankle sprains? 
• Severity of injury 
• Underlying causes of (recurrent) ankle sprains (Jay Hertel) 
• What makes a stable joint? 
• Proprioception & neuromuscular control model 
• Prevention of primary and recurrent ankle injuries (Tim McGuine) 
• Neuromuscular training 
• External support summaries 
• Future directions