Assessing Movement: What Do You See? What Do You Do About It?

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Annette Lang
89 minutes
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Traditionally, fitness assessments undertaken by personal trainers look at quantitative measures, such as the number of push-ups or crunches completed. On the other hand, more progressive postural assessments enable individuals to observe someone as they stand still in front of them. Assessing Movement: What Do You See? What Do You Do About It? reviews the value of making assessments that involve movement. Based on Reebok University's 5-point movement screens, the DVD provides specific examples of functional movements and what the observations mean. The DVD also presents exercises and movements to help personal trainers address what they see when assessing movement.

Among the topics covered:
  • When a client is observed moving, what factors could be contributing to this movement
  • What opposing muscles could be allowing the movement to occur
  • What might be necessary, with regard to stretching/release, strengthening, stability or mobility, to achieve more integrated and balanced movement patterns
  • What impact do these observations and assessments have on program design
Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise.