Become a Retention Pioneer-Be First, Be Fearless, Be Fabulous

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Melissa Christie
46 minutes
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Become a Retention Pioneer-Be First, Be Fearless, Be Fabulous outlines how health/fitness clubs can take their retention strategies to the next level. The DVD details how facilities can systematize their retention activities. The DVD also points out how clubs can create measurable retention outcomes, as well as how they can analyze those outcomes to make better decisions. In addition, the DVD reviews several new retention strategies that clubs can implement.

Among the topics covered: 

• Timeline 
• Member integration associate 
• Our integration process 
• MYZONE® as integration tool 
• New member attendance 
• MYZONE® as retention tool 
• Re-engage existing members 
• What is Medallia? 
• Invitation for advocacy 
• Future additions to MXT