Biomechanics and Obesity: Are We Getting the Right Results?

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Raymond C. Browning, Sarah Shultz
28 minutes
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The current epidemic of obesity is consistent with a myriad of health-related conditions, including those affecting the musculoskeletal system. As a result, biomechanics research has begun to investigate the relationship between these orthopedic complications and an obese individual's ability to participate in physical activity or activities of daily living. On the other hand, biomechanical analysis of the obese population pose several challenges for biomechanists, including accurate marker placement, skin-motion artifact, and body-segment parameter estimation. As a result, accurate biomechanical data may require population-specific protocols. Biomechanics and Obesity: Are We Getting the Right Results? discusses how data acquisition and analysis procedures influence biomechanical measures in adult and pediatric obese populations.