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Breast Cancer Bundle

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Healthy Learning
332 pages
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101 Breast Cancer Facts


Cedric X. Bryant


This ready-to-frame, full-color poster on heavy-duty paper (19" x 25") displays 101 facts about breast cancer. The information presented in 101 Breast Cancer Facts is designed to serve as a resource for those individuals who want to better understand the key factors involved in breast cancer.

101 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer


Pam Schmid


  101 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer: There are a million and one things to know about breast cancer, but at least 101 things you should know about breast cancer in order to understand your own risk, learn about early detection, and understand and support the journey of someone you care about. Reviewed for accuracy by nationally recognized experts in the field, this book answers the questions, “Could breast cancer happen to me?” “How can you detect cancer at its earliest stages?” “What is it like to be treated for breast cancer?” “What can someone do to achieve optimal well-being during and after treatment?” and more. Learn why the five-year mark isn't the same for breast cancer survivors as it is for other types of cancer, what living with the risk of recurrence is like, and why the world of “survivorship” has come to be so important. Thr