Bridging the Gap Between Injury and Performance

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Scott Lawrence, Scott Hudson
33 minutes
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Bridging the Gap Between Injury and Performance discusses the primary functional movement systems of the body and points out how individuals compensate for neuromuscular imbalances when they are statically or dynamically misaligned. The DVD also details what constitutes ideal posture and identifies several common postural dysfunctions. In the lab portion of the DVD, how to progress a patient through a neuromuscular activation sequence and a dynamic warm-up is shown, in addition to how to integrate specific sports-performance exercises into a rehabilitation program.

Among the topics covered:

• Goals of rehab
• Ideal posture
• Neuromuscular imbalances
• Functional muscle division
• Common postural dysfunctions
• Lab demonstrations: stability/muscle activation
• Lab demonstrations: dynamic warm-up
• Lab demonstrations: performance rehab