Building Your Personal Training Business

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Jarod Cogswell
79 minutes
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Building Your Personal Training Business explains why it is essential for health clubstaff to be better every day, including how clubs can rebuild their cultures, aswell as how clubs can enhance their level of accountability in a way that enablesthem to build their business model. The DVD also details several strategies thatcan be employed to strengthen a club's personal training business. In addition,the DVD discusses the potential financial impact that personal training can haveon a club's business. The DVD also reviews the top five “truths” of best-sellingtrainers, explains how club staff can build rapport with their trainers, and offer afew marketing and client-service tips for clubs that offer personal training.

Among the topics covered:

• The impact of personal training on your club business
• Building your personal training business
• Building your personal training business-think like an owner
• The top 5 truths of best-selling trainers
• Build rapport
• Case study
• Maximize integration appointments
• Marketing tips