Change of Life…Change of Body! Beat the Mid-Life Fat Trap

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Nancy S. Cetel
78 minutes
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If individuals think they are gaining weight, and are in their forties orfifties, it's probably not all in their heads. Change of Life…Change ofBody! Beat the Mid-Life Fat Trap covers the basics of mid-lifephysiology for both genders, as well as how hormones can affectthe ability to control weight, metabolism, muscle mass, and fatdistribution. The DVD provides practical recommendations thatindividuals can immediately apply to their lifestyles, nutrition, anddaily living. Mid-life women and men are often frustrated when theirprevious exercise routines and diet seemingly no longer work forthem during this particular stage of their lives. The DVD presentspractical ways to combat these negative attitudes and feelings.

Among the topics covered:
  • Complementary medicine: herbs and phytoestrogens
  • Diet
  • Obesity
  • Men and andropause
  • Exercise
  • Potential anti-aging strategies
  • Survival of the fittest
  • Anti-aging recommendations
  • Hunger and satiety