Design for Wellness & Medical Wellness Facilities

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Hervey Lavoie & Rudy Fabiano
77 minutes
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Design for Wellness & Medical Wellness Facilities presents an overview of the evolution of fitness center/medical fitness relationship over the last 30 years. The DVD also explores the cultural shift that helps differentiate medical fitness centers from traditional health/fitness clubs. In addition, the DVD points outseveral of the key design considerations with regard to prospective vs. current facility members. The DVD also discusses the five basic factors involved in a member's experience in a facility and reviews how each of these elements impacts the design of the facility.

Among the topics covered:
  • Evolution of the fitness center/medical fitness relationship
  • Case study
  • Future of fitness
  • Cultural shift
  • New members
  • Understanding the regular members
  • Customization
  • Member experience-spiritual and emotional
  • Social engagement
  • Social networking