Dieting Gone Awry: How to Help Clients With Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

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Nancy Clark
63 minutes
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DietingGone Awry: How to Help Clients With Eating Disorders and DisorderedEating is a resource for health/fitness professionals who want tobetter understandhow to appropriately deal with individuals who appear to be strugglingwith foodand exercise. The DVD details suggestions about how to address theconcernsthat these individuals have about food, weight, and their physiques. TheDVDalso offers mantras and affirmations that health//fitness professionalscan employto help these individuals to successfully undertake the various stagesof change.

Among topics covered:
  • Weight issues are complex
  • Treatment plan: body acceptance
  • Myth: people who diet become thin
  • Treatment plan: normalize eating
  • Myth: the more I exercise, the thinner I'll be
  • Case studies
  • Sports dietitian's job