Driving the Bottom Line

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Darren Jacobson
44 minutes
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Program directors, fitness managers, and club owners don't always fully understand the role and responsibility of their organization's personal-training department and the real impact it can have in their facilities. Driving the Bottom Line takes a look at various business models and the potential impact they can have on a health/fitness club's bottom line and on its personal-training service center. The DVD discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each model and brainstorms ways to bring personal training to the masses. The DVD also reviews critical systems, structures, and controls to help clubs keep their personal-training department moving in the right direction.

Among the topics covered:
  • The goals, objectives, and impact of a solid PT model
  • Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various models
  • Franchise personal training model
  • Taking personal training to the masses
  • Critical systems and controls