Essentials for the Female Athlete

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Healthy Learning
96 pages
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Prior to the passage of Title IX in 1972, female athletes accounted for only 7.4% of all high school sports participants. Today, that number has grown by almost 600%, as girls account 43% of all high school athletes. Women participating in NCAA-sponsored sports has grown 16% over the past decade. Likewise, as Title IX athletes have become older, the number of masters athletes is higher than ever before!

As more women and girls participate in sports and physical activity, sports medicine research has determined that female athletes are subject to different physiologic stresses than their male counterparts during exercise and competition. These differences place them at risks for specific injuries.

This book brings together experts in sports and exercise medicine to provide a comprehensive overview of medical issues specific to female athletes across all ages. The aim is to provide useful, actionable knowledge for athletes, coaches, and parents to better support the health, safety, and performance of female athletes across the lifespan.