Evolved Evaluations

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Shannon Fable
61 minutes
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Many fitness professionals find it difficult to make time to consistently evaluate their staff, even once a year. More often than not, these professionals are confronted by a situation where their instructors quickly clean up their act when senior staff members walk in the door or fall to pieces when they see them. For professionals who must deal with these scenarios, it's time for them to reexamine and evolve their evaluating procedures. Evolved Evaluations details how fitness professionals can implement strategies for gathering information that they need about their staff, what to do once the information has been obtained, and how to use evaluations without tripling the time that they already spend at the health/fitness club.

Among topics covered:

• Evaluate your current process
• Common mistakes in conducting evaluations
• Get yourself out of the hot seat
• Constructing an effective evaluation
• Scoring system
• Let the evaluation work for you