Exercise and Cognitive Function in Older Adults

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Kirk I. Erickson
51 minutes
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Exercise and Cognitive Function in Older Adultsdiscusses the fact that the agingpopulation is increasing dramatically, as is the number of aging-related diseases, such asAlzheimers. Furthermore, the DVD points out that this escalation will have an enormousimpact on the costs associated with treating this condition. In addition, the DVD reviewsthe fact that even people without dementia shows changes and reductions in cognitiveperformance as they age. In that regard, the DVD looks at physical inactivity as a significantrisk factor for dementia. The DVD also explores the mechanisms underlying the positiveeffect that exercise can have on cognitive function in older adults.

Among the topics covered:
  • Brain and cognition in adults without dementia
  • Could cardiorespiratory fitness explain variation in hippocampal volume?
  • What are the effects of randomized exercise intervention on hippocampal volume?
  • Exercise, fitness, and brain volume
  • Mechanisms
  • Fitness, prefrontal cortex volume, and cognitive performance
  • Moderating factors
  • Physical inactivity