Exercise as Medicine: Tapping the Medical Community

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Edward M. Phillips
59 minutes
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Exercise as Medicine: Tapping the Medical Community presents an overview of the underlying philosophy and basis of the concept of lifestyle medicine. In that regard, the DVD discusses the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and points out many of the steps it is pursuing to effectively and efficiently address inappropriate health behaviors. The DVD also details a number of the actions involving the efforts to reform the educational curriculum of medical school that are underway concerning aspects of the “exercise is medicine” concept.

Among the topics covered: 

• Review the profound impact of lifestyle behaviors on the rates of death, disease, and healthcare costs 
• Define lifestyle medicine as the evolving strategy to effectively and efficiently address health behaviors 
• Review the efforts of Exercise is Medicine™ and The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine to bridge physicians and fitness professionals 
• The EIM exercise prescription & referral system for physicians 
• The institute of lifestyle medicine 
• Lifestyle medicine: education reformof medical schools 
• Levels of curricular integration