Exercise is Medicine on Campus: Celebrate and Participate

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James M. Pivarnik, Carena Winters
71 minutes
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Exercise is Medicine on Campus: Celebrate and Participate discusses the results of severalsurveys that looked at how well the Exercise on Campus Initiative was doing at thoseinstitutions that have signed up to participate. Not only does the DVD outline the goals ofthe Initiative, it also details the obstacles and barriers to success that these schools haveencountered. In addition, the DVD points out those actions that campuses have done wellwith regard to the Initiative. Furthermore, the DVD reviews ways in which ACSM can helpinstitutions advance the aims of the Initiative.
  • Exercise is medicine on campus (EIMC)
  • Barriers to EIMC program
  • Addressing barriers
  • Lack of support
  • Barriers to activating tool kit and EIMon campus programs
  • Limiting conditions
  • Creating a collective effort
  • How can ACSM help?
  • Additional EIM on campus initiatives
  • Share your story