Fitness Swimming: Understanding the Basics

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Wendy Boglioli
39 minutes
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Fitness Swimming: Understanding the Basics offers an easy-to-use resource for individuals who want to enhance their level of fitness by swimming. Featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Wendy Boglioli, the DVD teaches precision at every turn of your swim training-from stretching to your final laps. In the DVD, Wendy guides you through the pool, utilizing the latest innovations and equipment-from proper form and breathing techniques to helpful advice on how to best use the latest swim gear. Mastering the basics of swimming is essential for swimmers who want to achieve maximum benefits from their efforts in the pool. In that regard, Wendy offers a wealth of her own insights and advice that can help swimmers of all ages.

Among the topics covered:

• Stretching routine (before swimming)
• Stretching routine (after swimming)
• Basic equipment
• Freestyle and backstroke technique
• The flip turn