Fitter, Stronger-Faster: Use Your Heart

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Mark Baines, Scott Gaines
79 minutes
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Most personal trainers are aware of the fact that heart rate monitoring is a very effective tool for measuring the impact of aerobic activity on the body`s cardiovascular system. Most trainers, however, have not considered that heart rate monitoring can also provide objective feedback concerning the impact of strength training on the body`s musculoskeletal system. Fitter, Stronger-Faster: Use Your Heart explains why it`s not enough for trainers working with clients who are attempting to enhance their level of muscular fitness to just assign sets and reps anymore. The DVD details how trainers can use heart rate monitoring to design strength-training programs and individualize them to optimize exercise duration and intensity, as well as recovery rate.

Among the topics covered:
  • Going back to the basics
  • Exercise physiology review
  • Monitoring rest periods
  • Practical applications
  • Hands-on demonstration
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health & Fitness.