Group Gets Functional!

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Sherri McMillan
86 minutes
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For the past several years, the primary trend in the person-training industry has been to focus programming and movements on functional and/or integrated training. Unfortunately, relatively few group-exercise instructors have taken advantage of the principles and techniques that are commonly employed in functional training. Group Gets Functional! provides an overview of the concepts of integrated training, compound movements, closed-chain exercise, neuromuscular conditioning, and biomechanics for reallife movements. The DVD explains how all of these integral concepts relate to teaching group exercise. The DVD also features an area-specific review of how to functionally train the body in a group setting.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Chest conditioning
  • Back conditioning
  • Shoulder conditioning
  • Triceps/biceps conditioning
  • Core/lower-body conditioning
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health and Fitness Association.