How Coaching Works

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Margaret Moore
44 minutes
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How Coaching Works provides an insightful overview of the positive impact that coaching can have on the efforts of health/wellness professionals to help individuals with whom they are working make a decision to take appropriate action to enhance their level of health and well-being. Featuring a breakout session at the 2009 ACSM Health & Fitness Summit, the DVD details the critical role that coaching psychology plays in the process of coaching. The DVD not only explains the need for individuals to experience lasting change, it also examines the key factors involved in a person being ready to change.

Among topics covered:
  • Call for Personal Responsibility
  • Coaching Research Studies
  • Why Do We Need Coaching?
  • Mount Lasting Change
  • Coaching Outcomes and ROI
  • What Is Coaching Psychology?
  • The Role of Relationships in Development
  • Constructive Development
  • Readiness to Change