How Many Fractures Is Too Many?

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Andrew Gregory, Brooke Pengel
74 minutes
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How Many Fractures is Too Many? reviews the mechanism of injury and points out causes of low-energy fractures, particularly vitamin D deficiency. Featuring a Clinical Colloquium presented at the 2012 ACSM annual meeting, the DVD also discusses, who should be screened for an enhanced risk of fractures. In addition, the DVD presents recommendations for treating vitamin D deficiency. The DVD also addresses the issue of osteoporosis in youth, as well as details factors (associations) that may lead to the condition.

Among the topics covered:

• Low energy fractures
• Vitamin D deficiency and frequent fractures in children
• Who to screen?
• Treatment recommendations: vitamin D deficiency
• Osteoporosis in youth
• Osteoporosis associations
• DXA scans