How to Protect Your Club From Member Lawsuits

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Jeffery Long
73 minutes
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How to Protect Your Club From Member Lawsuits presents an in-depth look at the laws pertainingto waiver and release agreements within the context of health/fitness clubs. The DVD providesan overview of the most important waiver and release cases, an analysis of recent changesin some of the most influential states, and a detailed list of items to look for when evaluating ahealth/fitness club's waiver and release agreement. The DVD is designed to help make sure thathealth/fitness clubs are in the best position to avoid lawsuits and, should one be filed, helpensure that they have all the necessary protections in place to limit the impact on their facility.

Among the topics covered:
  • Sources of the law
  • Example cases in California
  • Example cases in other states
  • Typical lawsuits
  • Benefits and drawbacks of waivers
  • Common waiver errors
  • Essential waiver components
  • Types of waivers to consider
  • Monitoring changes

Produced in cooperation with the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association.

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