How to Win the Battle Against the Triad?

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Anna Melin, Monica Klungland Torstveit, Marianne Martinsen
31 minutes
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How to Win the Battle Against the Triad?features a panel of Scandinavian researchers wholook at the systems upon which low energy availability has an effect and discusses thisdysfunction across female populations. The DVD also delineates effective screening strategiesfor the triad in athletic populations and reviews important psychometric indicators, as well asdetails an expanded profile of symptoms associated with the complete triad syndrome. Inaddition, the DVD discusses the prevention of eating disorders and the triad in adolescent,elite athletes. In that regard, the DVD discusses the results of nine research articles andoutlines the risk factors that athletes, coaches, and parents need to understand for earlyrecognition of eating disorders and the triad.

Among the topics covered:
  • Energy availability in female athletes, impact on energy metabolism, reproductive, cardiovascular, and bone health (Anna Melin)
  • Low energy availability
  • Do we have effective screening strategies in athletic populations (Monica Klungland Torstvelt)
  • Screening instruments Psychometric assessments of disordered eating and the triad
  • When can we screen?
  • How to prevent eating disorders and the triad in the x-generation (Marianne Martinsen)
  • Is it possible to prevent ED and symptoms associated with ED among adolescent elite athletes?