Is Exercise is Medicineâ„¢ Good Business?

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Barry Franklin, Ian Janssen, Nico Pronk
120 minutes
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Is Exercise is Medicine™ Good Business? examines the premise that if current trends continue, healthcare in the United States will become unaffordable unless ways are found to implement effective preventive interventions (e.g., regular physical activity) to combat the rampant progression of chronic diseases. The DVD also explains why exercise is a sound, strategic business investment. In addition, the DVD looks at the degree to which EIM can have a positive impact on the healthcare cost dilemma.

Among the topics covered:

• Is EIM™ good business?
• Broader context
• Is there room in the clinic for physical activity?
• Creating a business case
• How much can EIM™ save society?
• Does physical inactivity predict disease risk independent of clinical risk factors?
• Can physical activity be improved through interventions delivered in the primary care setting?