Is Exercise Medicine for Alzheimer's Disease

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J. Carson Smith, Jeffrey M. Burns, Kirk I. Erickson
108 minutes
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Is Exercise Medicine for Alzheimer's Disease looks at the impact of exercise on Alzheimer's disease. Featuring three highly regarded professionals, the DVD offers over two hours of compelling information, thoughtful ideas, and relevant insights on a very topical subject. Not only does the DVD detail the benefits of exercise in Alzheimer's disease, it also discusses the issue of whether Alzheimer's can be prevented.

Among the topics covered: 

• Introduction (J. Carson Smith) 
• Dementia vs. Alzheimer's disease 
• Exercise and brain structure inhealthy aging (Kirk J. Erickson) 
• Which brain regions are influencedby physical activity orcardiorespiratory fitness? 
• Specific conclusions 
• Exercise and brain function withincreased risk for Alzheimer's disease (J. Carson Smith) 
• Research questions 
• Evidence for exercise in the fight againstAlzheimer's disease (Jeffrey M. Burns) 
• Accumulating evidence of benefits ofexercise in Alzheimer's disease 
• Can we prevent Alzheimer's?