John McCarthy: Insights and Perspectives on the Health/Fitness Club Industry

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John McCarthy
127 minutes
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In John McCarthy: Insights andPerspectives on the Health/Fitness Club Industry, one of the mostrespected individuals in the history of the health/fitness club industryshares his viewpoints and reflections on several aspects of theindustry. The DVD features John's opinions and observations in 12separate narratives-each of which addresses a distinct subject matter.The DVD also includes an extensive interview of John that was conductedby Roger Ralph, co-owner of the Hockessin Athletic Club-a 110,000 sq.ft. health club located in Hockessin, Delaware.

Among the topics covered:
  • The story of Joe Girard
  • A royal welcome
  • To catch a whale
  • What business are we in?
  • The story of Sam Walton
  • Visiting clubs
  • Anthony's pier 4
  • The story of Joan Stewart
  • The Marriott Hotel
  • The Four Seasons Hotel
  • The art of hospitality
  • The greatest fitness class
  • Roger Ralph interviews health industry icon John McCarthy