Kettlebells for Pre-/Post-Natal Clientele

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Myrna Brady
27 minutes
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Kettlebellsfor Pre-/Post-Natal Clientele presents an overview of howkettlebells can be used to create exercises that will invigorate andenergize pre-/post-natal women. Designed for trainers who want to helptheir pre-/post-natal clients enhance their ability to engage inactivities of daily living, the DVD details up-to-date information onpre-/post-natal fitness. The DVD also features general workoutparameters and guidelines for all trimesters and the initial post-natalperiod.

Among the topics covered:
  • Learning objectives
  • The pre-/post-natal client of the past
  • The pre-/post-natal client of today and the future
  • Benefits of pre-/post-natal exercise
  • Medical facts of pregnancy
  • Nutrition
  • Program design
  • Time to rock da bells