Lipid Metabolism: Molecular Regulation and Integrated Responses to Exercise

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Takeshi Hashimoto, Gregory Henderson, Nathan Wolins, Bret Goodpaster
108 minutes
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Lipid Metabolism: Molecular Regulation and Integrated Responses to Exercise reviews several of the key factors involved with the body's metabolism of lipids. Featuring a panel of four renowned experts in their field, the DVD explores the role of microlipids and exercise-induced factors that increase lipolysis. The DVD also looks at the results of a study using mice that looked at the changes in muscle fibers and metabolism caused by perilipin 5 overexpression. In addition, the DVD discusses the relationship between plasma triglyceride and lipid oxidation following exercise. Finally, the DVD delves into the connection between lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Among the topics covered: 

• Lipid droplet remodeling and control of lipolysis (Takeshi Hashimoto) 
• MicroLDs contain FA derived from large LDs or synthesized de novo? 
• Changes in muscle fibers and whole animal metabolism caused by muscle specific perilipin 5 overexpression (Nathan Wolins) 
• We hypothesize that perilipin 5 over expression improves mice's ability to clear fat from circulation 
• Plasma triglyceride and fatty acid kinetics following exercise (Gregory C. Henderson) 
• Muscle lipid metabolism in relation to exercise and insulin sensitivity (Bret Goodpaster) 
• Fuel selection in human skeletal muscle in insulin resistance