Muscle and Tendon Remodeling With Use and Disuse

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Marco Narici
57 minutes
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Muscle and Tendon Remodeling With Use and Disuse discusses how muscle architecture is one of the main determinates of muscle mechanical properties. The DVD reviews the fact that strength training conditions not just muscle but tendon also. In addition, the DVD examines factors regulating sarcomere remodeling, as well as the fact that the onset of muscle hypertrophy/atrophy occurs within the first two weeks of loading/unloading. The DVD also reviews the fact that alternatives in muscle mechanical properties are the consequences of the combined effects of muscular and tendinous changes.

Among the topics covered:

• Muscle strength neural drive and hypertrophy during strength training
• Muscle architecture measurements
• Myogenic responses to eccentric and concentric loading
• Musculoskeletal changes in response to chronic inactivity
• Interaction between fascicle and tendon changes
• What regulates sarcomere remodeling
• Effects of prolong use of high heels on the muscle-tendon unit