No Bones About It! Osteoporosis Update

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Scott Josephson
54 minutes
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About one in three females are diagnosed with osteoporosis during the course of her lifetime. Somewhat surprisingly, men, chronic dieters, and some athletes are also at risk for this condition. No Bones About It! Osteoporosis Update provides an overview of several of the key osteoporosis-related issues, including the complications that can arise with this diagnosis, preventive treatments, exercise applications, bone physiology, risk factors, and dietary and pharmaceutical supplementation. The DVD is designed as a resource for every health/fitness professional who wants to better understand the underlying aspects of osteoporosis.

Among Topics Covered:

• Physiology of bone
• Types of osteoporosis
• Putting calcium to use
• FDA therapeutic medications
• What can you do with type 2 osteoporosis?
• Prevention program
• Plyometrics