Orientation is Done-Now What?

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Joanna Warren Smith
56 minutes
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Many resident and day camp counselors around the country report that after orientation, they feel somewhat stranded. The kids arrive, and directors assume that staff members are fully trained and ready to do their job well. In reality, nothing can undermine a camp's program quality more than such an assumption. Orientation is Done-Now What? reviews why camps should commit to proactive training, observation, mentoring, and reporting protocols. The DVD also outlines specific steps that camps can undertake in this regard, to improve their “product,” which collectively will enable them to reap the benefit of achieving significantly increased camper and counselor retention rates.

Among the topics covered:

• Set the stage for success!
• Finalize the script
• Audition intentionally
• Maximize rehearsals
• Block precisely
• Watch the performance
• Use swings
• Secures audience reaction
• Asses input and react
• Producer and cast meetings
• Continue rehearsals